3′ x 10′ 5-Hole Pro-Am Backyard Patio, Poolside or Indoor Putting Green

$109.99 Special Sale!

Includes:  3×10 Putting Green, 5-StarBall Cups, 5-StarBalls and 5 12″ Flags, 1 Set of Number Decals 1-9, Instructions and Rules for 5 Putting Games.

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  • Best Golfer Holiday Gift!
  • 5 Holes with thousands of long challenge putts from all over the green.
  • Improve your game, lower your score and enjoy years of fun for family and friends.
  • Play hole to hole with our 9-hole terminate play pattern (flag decal included)
  • Pro-Am Turf rolls true w/feel & speed of country club bent grass. No ramps, folds, sponge, or unnatural platforms.
  • StarBall – our patented center focus target stops the golf ball and shows right or left of dead center on every single putt. You can also create breaks. (see product description)
  • Indoor and superior turf, multiple targets and unrestricted access delivers putting practice that is as “Real as it Gets.”


  • Turf Specs:   32 oz. nylon face, rubber pre-coat, action back, Aquatech non-skid base.
  • Speed is stimp 10.5 out of the box. You can reduce the speed to 9 by back-raking with any leaf rake and vacuuming with a beater bar (leaf rake will not hurt this green).
  • All 5 holes have plugs (two tabs to keep them in) so you can choose to have 1 to 5 holes on your green.
  • The green comes with 5 StarBall cups, flags and StarBalls.
  • Breaks can be created by placing 12″x12″ Ziploc freezer bags filled with ½ – 1 cup of any sand under the surface.
  • Bonus 2″ challenge hole to fine tune your putting skills (no cup).
  • U.S. Patent 6,287,213.


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